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Business Magazine

A pure business lifestyle magazine that will cover innovation and ideas from the business world.

Business Networking

When group of people share ideas and work in systematic methodology it creates a business network.

Member Discounts

All CBH members enjoy an exclusive discount on retail sales as well as corporate business deals or services.

Free Consultation

The success stories behind any business is the initial idea or advise that was implemented as it was advised.

CBH Gold Cards

With our Capital Business Hub Gold discount cards, members can obtain unlimited access to special offers and price cuts from fellow members, just present your card to unlock an array of business to business deals. Avail our limited time offer for exclusive membership benefits and discounts.

CBH Public Cards

As well as enhancing business to business interaction, our discount scheme will help business to correspond first hand with members of the public who purchase the card. This scheme can give your business a unique selling point for consumers

Mobile App (coming soon)

With the use of our up-to-date and easy-to-use app, members and public alike can access information from the hub on the go, creating a perfect opportunity for business to reach out to the public, as well as presenting their discount cards and information at corresponding business to gain access to discounted services